X-ray Facilities

The X-ray Research Facilities support research at the University of Chicago by providing access to state-of-the-art single-crystal and powder X-ray diffraction facilities, as well as an X-ray photoelectron laboratory. We offer professional crystallographic advice and services to members of the Department of Chemistry, as well as to external members of the scientific community.

Bruker D8 VENTURE Single Crystal Dual-Source Diffractometer

  • PHOTON 100 detector with CMOS technology and large 100-cm2 active area
  • High brilliance IμS microfocus X-ray sources: air-cooled Mo and Cu radiation
  • 3-circle fixed-chi goniometer
  • APEX2 – software suite for chemical crystallography

KRATOS AXIS NOVA X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer

  • High power Al monochromator
  • 180° hemispherical analyzer
  • Scanned and snapshot spectroscopy modes
  • 2D imaging mode
  • Sputtering using Ar+ ion beam
  • Add-ons: UPS (Ultraviolet Photoemission Spectroscopy) and ISS (Ion Scattering Spectroscopy)

Bruker D8 Powder X-ray Diffractometer

X-ray diffraction is one of the most powerful techniques for structural analysis of crystalline solids. Analysis of wide angle diffraction patterns provides information about internal atomic structure of nanoparticles and nanowires, while small angle X-ray scattering is useful for investigation of nanoparticle assemblies, superlattices, and thin films. All of these experiments can be carried out using a Bruker D8 Powder X-ray diffractometer equipped with sensitive area detector.

Facility Details

P: 773-834-5861
E: afilatov@uchicago.edu
Facility Manager Alexander Filatov
X-ray Facilities
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